Janet HoffmanJanet grew up in a culturally/ethnically mixed neighborhood in southeast Los Angeles. After graduating high school she attended five colleges and universities, changing majors four times which, as it turns out, is not conducive to graduating.

After living the American dream of marriage/kids/divorce, she went back to school in Utah, earning her BS degree in geography with an emphasis in urban planning from Weber State U. She moved her four sons to Sarasota Florida, working as an urban planner, planning administrator, Waterfronts Florida manager, and other positions, then moved back to Wyoming as Development Services and Economic Development director in two cities there.

In 2014 she joined the U.S. Peace Corps and lived in Namibia for two years, and then moved to the Republic of Georgia for one year; never mastering any language.  In fact, she pretty much garbled the languages so badly that the residents begged her to stop and “just speak English”.

Upon returning to the states in 2017, she traveled by car coast-to-coast a few times, visiting friends and relatives. She traveled up the west coast in October 2018 and fell in love with the sopping wet, cold-to-the-bone beauty of Gold Beach.  She has been residing here happily since then; including the wonderful event of taking in an adopt-a-challenge from the Wild Rivers Animal Shelter for Christmas last year.

Janet is experiencing sheer bliss here and is grateful every day.

Janet has served as a founding member of the Sheridan Housing Action Committee, Sheridan Historic Society, and has had a planning consulting business, ZGR Consulting, helping mostly nonprofits develop strategic growth plans. She has also volunteered in too many groups to recount here and was a certified AICP planner for 30 years.