Agness Illahe 1

Julie Scherbarth receives $2,500 infunds towards purchase

of Stryker for Agness/Illahe RFPD.

PR Firemen

Pistol River RFPD gets $1,568 for equipment

SC receiving check

Larry Johnson and Chef Mark Pharis receive check for

Gold Beach Senior Center Meals on Wheels.

Wallys House

Jeri Honeycutt, CHF president, hands Jackie Antunes a check

for $1,440 for safe cloud storage of vital clinent information.

Oasis House 1

Leah Seavy gladly accepting $1,800 from DeAnna Craig 

to help cover cost of dental van visit to Oasis Shelter Home.


Tad Bell, with Curry County Search and Rescue accepts 

grant from board member, Steve Denney, toward the 

purchase of a drone.

OB Check

Hospital receiving proceeds from High on Health fundraiser

.Heat sealer grant